We will resume races on Thursday July 2, keep in mind the following protocols MUST be met:, please read all the way through and help us keep these races running by doing your part

Jericho Wavechaser Covid-19 Safety Plan
This plan was submitted by JSCA to Vancouver Coastal Health on June 23 and approved on the same
– Registration is done online
– Registration is limited to 50 participants*
– Cash is not handled on site by organizers**
– Cones placed on the beach at a minimum of 2m apart to keep competitors properly spaced before
their start
– Check-in and start times are staggered to ensure that not all 50 participants* are on the beach at once
– Competitors are instructed to leave the area directly upon finishing
– A second table at the check-in area will assure a minimum 2m separation of competitors and
– Surfaces will be cleaned before, during and after the event.
Competitors and organizers must self-assess for COVD-19 symptoms before arriving on site. Those
people who are unwell are required to stay home.
– Competitors have been instructed to keep physically distanced on the racecourse as part of the
registration process. Though with paddle sports separation of 2m is usually required to allow room for
the paddles to not interfere with each other.
– Organizers must follow the JSCA COVID-19 safety plan
All competitors will be required to wear masks on the beach until the moment were they enter the
water with their craft. This will be to mitigate any momentary lack of separation due to folks walking
around as they prepare to race.
– Organizers are required to wear masks while on site.
– Multiple hand washing stations are located just inside the compound gates
– Check-in tables are to be cleaned and disinfected at the beginning and end of the event and as needed
during the event.

*Event volunteers must be included in the headcount as well as both crew in a 2 person craft, therefore we are limiting the total registrations to 45

**Race fees can still be dropped in cash jar at the check-in table, bring exact change as we cannot issue change.  Any extra amount deposited in the jar will be considered a donation to Jericho Rescue.  Cash only, no cheques or cards accepted.




Race registration must be done in advance, cut-off is midnight Wednesday before each race, no exceptions.  This allows us to manage the numbers, plan for the prizes, and organize the starting waves.  If you’re unsure if you can make it, register anyways, it’s easy for us to remove your name from the list if you can’t make it, it’s complicated to add you in after cutoff, thanks for understanding!  

Deadline to register for Race #2 is midnight June 10.  Register HERE



Jericho Wavechaser Race Series 2020 will start Thursday June 4, with some safety & social distancing protocols in place. PLEASE READ ALL THE WAY TO THE END as it is all relevant and important.  We look forward to seeing you soon!

The series will run EVERY THURSDAY from June 4 to Aug 27 off the beaches at the Jericho Sailing Centre.  The races are open to all level of paddlers in outrigger, SUP, surfski, prone, and kayak. Courses vary depending on conditions, each race night has a short and a long course.  Check-in starts at 6pm, race starts at 7pm.  This is our 6th season, and we’re growing each year!  Your cooperation with the following protocols will help us ensure that we can keep running every week.  

NO REGISTRATION ON SITE Pre-regsiter at Webscorer.com.  Each week the link to the race registration will be posted here and on the Facebook page.  There will be no paper registration on site, if you have not pre-registered you will need to use your smartphone to register before checking in.

RACERS MUST CHECK-IN ON SITE BEFORE THE RACE The check-in table will be set up outside the JSCA compound on the beach between the two easternmost launch ramps.  When you arrive, you need to check-in, give the race directors your bib number, and pay your entry fee.  It is critical for the safety crew to know how many racers are on the water, if you pre-register but don’t check-in, you will not be counted.  Also, checking in gets your name in the draw for prizes!

Race entry is $10 for non-members, and for Jericho Sailing Centre members it’s $5.  BRING CASH, BRING EXACT CHANGEWe will not be giving change, there will be a collection box that your fee will be dropped in, if you bring extra we will call it a donation to the Jericho Rescue Crew.  

MASKS MUST BE WORN AT ALL TIMES IN THE JSCA COMPOUND                               Self-explanatory, and no exceptions

MEMBERS & GUESTS ENTERING THE JSCA COMPOUND MUST CHECK-IN AT JSCA FRONT GATE AND GIVE CONTACT INFO FOR CONTACT TRACING PURPOSES           We encourage non-members to park at the far east end of the parking lot and walk your watercraft to the beach from outside the perimeter of the sailing centre and avoid entering the compound at all, no activities related to the race series will take place inside the compound

SAFETY MEETING AND POST-RACE ANNOUNCEMENTS ON THE BEACH There will be no gathering inside the sailing centre, regardless of weather conditions we will be on the beach.  Please practice social distancing measures when gathering for the announcements.  All announcements will be done using the bullhorn so racers can spread out and still hear them.  No official post-race social in the member’s lounge or Galley this year, paddlers who want to socialize after the race are encouraged to do so informally on the beach.  The Galley is open with limited seating on the patio only, if you choose to head upstairs for post race dinner/drinks please be mindful of their limited seating and don’t occupy the tables for longer then necessary.

SOCIAL DISTANCING MEASURES SHOULD BE FOLLOWED AT ALL TIMES both on and off the water.  Spread out on the start line, don’t crowd each other at the turns, space yourself on the beach.  We may have two starts on nights with higher turnout, this will be determined on a week to week basis.  Paddlers racing tandem craft should be from the same household or from within each other’s expanded social circle.